Prof. Arul C. Arjunan

Sinmat Inc, USA

Technology Manager


2000–2003 Ph.D., Awarded

Publications (selected)

  1. “Investigations on the structural and optical properties of the swift heavy ion irradiated 6H-SiC”, E. Viswanathan, Y.S. Katharria, S. Selvakumar,A. Arulchakkaravarthi, D. Kanjilal, and K. Sivaji. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 2011, 269 (10), 1103-1107.
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  5. Enhanced energy resolution (22Na, 137Cs and 241Am) and alpha–gamma (241Am + 60Co) and neutron–gamma (241Am–Be) pulse shape discrimination properties of p-terphenyl crystals prepared by modified selective self-seeded vertical Bridgman technique (SSVBT), Solid State Communications, Volume 145, Issues 9-10, March 2008, Pages 482-486 S. Selvakumar,A. Arulchakkaravarthi, Rakesh Kumar, S. Muralithar, S. Sankar and K. Sivaji.
  6. Superhydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene thin films with hierarchical roughness.
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