Prof. Oleg Lupan

Technical University of Moldova, Moldova

Associate Professor



2005 Ph.D., Institute of Applied Physics of the Academy of Science of Moldova Specialization, Moldova

1993 Engineer Degree Diploma, Technical University of Moldova, Moldova

Publications (Selected)

  1. Oleg Lupan, V.V. Ursaki, G. Chai, L. Chow, G.A. Emelchenko, I.M. Tiginyanu, A.N. Gruzintsev, A.N. Redkin, Selective hydrogen gas nanosensor using individual ZnO nanowire with fast response at room temperature, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 144(1) (2010) pp. 55-66.(TOP 25 Science Direct for 2009-2010 Academic Year)
  2. Oleg Lupan, V. M. Guérin, T. Pauporté, I.M. Tiginyanu, V.V. Ursaki, L. Chow, H. Heinrich, Well-Aligned Arrays of Vertically-oriented ZnO Nanowires Electrodeposited on ITO- Coated Glass and their Integration in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 211 (2010) 65-73. (TOP 25 Science Direct for 2009-2010 Academic Year)
  3. Oleg Lupan, T. Pauporté, B. VIANA, Low-voltage UV-Electroluminescence from ZnO-Nanowire. Array/p-GaN Light Emitting Diodes. Advanced Materials. 2010, 22(30), 3298-3302. IF:8.379
  4. Oleg Lupan, L. Chow, L.K. Ono, B. Roldan Cuenya, G. Chai, H. KHALLAF, S. PARK, A.SCHULTE, Synthesis and Characterization of Ag- or Sb-doped ZnO Nanorods by a Facile Hydrothermal Route. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2010, 114(29), 12401-12408. (IF: 4.224).
  5. Oleg Lupan, S. Shishiyanu, V. Ursaki, H. Khallaf, L. Chow, T. Shishiyanu, V. Sontea, E. Monaico, S. Railean, Synthesis of nanostructured Al-doped zinc oxide films on Si for solar cells applications, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 93 (2009) pp. 1417-1422. (TOP 25 in 2009)
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