Prof. Alireza K. Somarin

Brandon University, Canada



Ph.D., University of New England, Australia, Geology

M.Sc., Tehran University, Iran, Geology

B.Sc., University of Tabriz, Iran, Geology

Publications (Selected)

1. Somarin, A.K., Mumin, A.H., 2013. P-T-composition and evolution of paleofluids in the Precambrian Mag Hill volcano-plutonic system, Northwest Territories, Canada. Mineralium Deposita, DOI 10.1007/s00126-013-0482-3.

2. Taghipour, S., Kananian, A., Somarin, A.K., 2013. Mineral chemistry and alteration paragenesis of the Chogart iron oxide-apatite occurrence, Bafq district, Central Iran. N. JB. Geol. Palaont. Abh., 269 (3), 221-240.

3. Somarin, A.K., Mumin, A.H., 2012. The Paleo-Proterozoic high heat production Richardson Granite, Great Bear Magmatic Zone, Northwest Territories, Canada: Source of U for Port Radium. Resource Geology, 62, 227–242.

4. Abidi, R., Slim-Shimi, N., Marignac, C., Hatira, H., Gasquet, D., Renac, C., Somarin, A.K., Gleeson, S., 2012. The origin of sulfate mineralization and the nature of the BaSO4–SrSO4 solid-solution series in the Ain Allega and El Aguiba ore deposits, Northern Tunisia. Ore Geology Review, 48, 165-179.

5. Somarin, A.K., Petrography, geochemistry and petrogenesis of late-stage granites: An example from the Glen Eden area, New South Wales, Australia. In Geology, InTech-Open Access Publisher, ISBN 978-953-307-468-9 (Book chapter, accepted in March, 2011).

6. Abidi R., Slim-Shimi, N., Somarin, A.K. and Henchiri, M., 2010. Mineralogy and fluid inclusions study of carbonate-hosted Mississippi valley-type Ain Allega Pb–Zn–Sr–Ba ore deposit, Northern Tunisia. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 57-262-272.

7. Somarin, A.K., 2010. Garnetization, a ground preparation process for ore mineralization: evidence from the Mazraeh skarn deposit, NW Iran. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 99, 343-356.

8. Somarin, A.K., 2009. Ore mineralogy and mineral chemistry of the Glen Eden Mo-WSn greisen- breccia system, eastern Australia. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences, 104, 339-355.

9. Somarin, A.K., Kissin, S., Heerema, D.D., and Bihari, D.J., 2009. Hydrothermal alteration, fluid inclusion and stable isotope studies of the Roby Zone, Lac des Iles PGE Mine, Ontario. Resource Geology, 59, 107-120.

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12. Somarin, A.K., and Lentz, D.R., 2008. A fossil hydrothermal system in the Paleogene Mendejin volcanic sequence, East Azarbaijan, Iran: analysis of phase equilibria, geochemical mass-balance, and fluid evolution. Mineralogy and Petrology, 94, 123-143.

13. Somarin, A.K., The Principles of Ore Microscopy. University of Tabriz Press, Tabriz, Iran, 212 p. (in Persian) (in press).

14. Kissin, S.A., Heggie, G.J., Frankline, J.M. and Somarin, A.K., 2007. Sulphidesaturation mechanisms in gabbroic intrusions in the Nipigon Embayment, Ontario. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 44, 1203-1214.

15. Somarin, A.K., 2003. Using geochemical data, evaluation, presentation, interpretation. By: H.R. Rollinson, Translated to Persian, University of Tabriz Press, Tabriz, Iran, 567 p.

16. Somarin, A.K., Mumin, A.H., P-T-composition and evolution of paleofluids in the Precambrian Mag Hill volcano-plutonic system, Northwest Territories, Canada.

17. Somarin, A.K., Mumin, A.H., Richardson hot granite, Great Bear Magmatic Zone, Northwest Territories, Canada: source of U for Port Radium?

18. Abidi R., Slim-Shimi N., Mariniaque C., Hatira N., Gasquet D., Renac C., Somarin A.K., BaSO4–SrSO4 solid-solution in the Ain Allega and El Aguiba ore deposits, Northern Tunisia.

19. Abidi, R., Slim–Shimi, N., Gasquet, D., Hatira Nouri, N. and Somarin, A.K. Genesis of celestite-bearing cap rock formation from the Ain Allega ore deposit (Northern Tunisia): Contributions from microthermometric studies.

20. Abidi, R., Marigniac, C., Slim–Shimi, N., Gasquet, D., Hatira, N., Somarin, A.K., Fluid inclusion evidence for hydrothermal source of mineralizing fluid in the Ain Allega, El Aguiba and El Arja ore deposits, Northern Tunisia.

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