Prof. Abdus Subhan

Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh



2003 Ph.D., Osaka University, Japan

1995 M.Sc., Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, Inorganic Chemistry

1994 B.Sc., Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Publications (selected)

  1. Elimination of As (III) from aqueous solution using multi-component oxide (Al0.88Fe0.67Zn0.28O3) surface. S A Monim, M B R Bhuiyan, M A Subhan, A N Chowdhury, M Islam, M A Hoque. Proceedings of the third international conference on structure, processing and properties of materials SPPM2010,24-26 February 2010, Dhaka, Bangladesh, SPPM2010 H 02.
  2. Study of the efficiency of biosorbents for the removal of As from drinking water, M. A. Subhan et .al., 2010, JBCS (accepted).
  3. Diffusion Interaction of Some Biologically Important Compounds with an Anionic Surfactant Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate in Aqueous Solution: A Conductometric Study, M. A. Subhan et  al., 2010, Proced.Pakistan Acad. Sci.(accepted).
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  6. Interactions of DNA extracted from plant sources with metal salts/complexes, M. A. Subhan, M. K. Hasan Rashed, B. Ahmed and M. R.Ullah Chowdhury., Proced.Pakistan Acad. Sci. 2008, 45(4), 171-178.
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  9. Synthesis, X-ray structure and chiroptical spectra of series of chiral carboxylato bridged Ln(III)-Ln(III) dinuclear complexes : novel configurational chirality due to nonbonding Ln-¬O interactions. Md. Abdus Subhan, Takayoshi Suzuki, Akira Fuyuhiro and Sumio Kaizaki, Dalton Trans, 2003, 19, 3785.
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  12. Simultaneous Observation of Low Temperature 4f-4f and 3d-3d Emission Spectra in a Series of Cr(III)(ox)Ln(III) Assembly, Md. Abdus Subhan, Takayoshi Suzuki, Jong Ha Choi, Hiroyasu Nakata and Sumio Kaizaki., J. Lumin., 2003, 101, 307.
  13. Solution NIR CD and MCD in 4f-4f transitions of a series of chiral 3d-4f dinuclear complexes: X-ray structures of(Λ-Δ)-[(acac) 2CrIII( µ -ox)LnIII(HBpz3)2] (Ln =Sm, Ho and Er), Md. Abdus Subhan, Takayoshi Suzuki and Sumio Kaizaki , J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans., 2002, 1416.
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