Dr. Ricardo Josa Fombellida

Dr. Ricardo Josa Fombellida

Department of Statistics and Operations Research

Institute of Research in Mathematics

Universidad de Valladolid, Spain



2003 Ph.D., Statistics and Operations Research, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

1995 M.S., Statistics and Operations Research, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

1993 B.S., Mathematics, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

Publications (Selected)

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  2. Josa-Fombellida R., Rincón-Zapatero, J.P. (2012), "Stochastic pension funding when the benefit and the risky asset follow jump diffusion processes", European Journal of Operational Research 220, 404-413.
  3. Josa-Fombellida R, Rincón-Zapatero, J.P. (2010), "On a PDE arising in onedimensional stochastic control problems", Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 147, 1-26.
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  8. Josa-Fombellida R, Rincón-Zapatero, J.P. (2006), "Optimal investment decisions with a liability: The case of defined benefit pension plans", Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 39, pp. 81-98. In the TOP 25 Most Downloaded Articles of IME (#1 Jul-Sep 06).
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