Dr. Ranjith Pathegama Gamage

Monash University, Australia



2000 Ph.D., University of Wollongong
1995 B.Sc., University of Moratuwa, SriLanka

Publications (Selected)

  1. Perera MSA, Ranjith PG, Choi SK, Airey D & Kodikara J (2010) A parametric study to investigate the number of injecting wells and their locations to inject optimum amount of carbon dioxide in CO2 sequestration process in coal, ISRM conference (Abstract accepted).
  2. Wasantha P.L.P., Ranjith P.G., Haque A., Kodikara J. and Bouazza A (2010). Effects of Joint properties on the Strength of Rock Masses for Open Pit Slope Design, ISRM conference (Abstract accepted).
  3. Chong WL, Haque A, Ranjith PG and Shahinuzzaman A (2010). 3DEC modelling of p-Y behaviour of laterally loaded piles in jointed rock, 12th International Congress on Rock Mechanics (Abstract accepted).
  4. Wasantha P.L.P. & Ranjith P.G (2010). Indirect Methods to Determine the Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Rocks, First International conference on Sustainable Technology development, ICSTD 2010, Bali (paper accepted).
  5. Perera MSA and Ranjith PG and Choi SK (2010).Development of empirical models for the prediction of gas sorption capacity in coals, 11th IAEG Congress. Sky City Convention Centre New Zealand.
  6. Perera MSA, Ranjith PG, Choi SK ,A. Bouazza , J. Kodikara (2010). A Parametric Study of Effect Of Gas Injecting Pressure, Coal Bed Temperature,Injecting Gas Composition And Production Well Operation On CO2 Sequestration Process In Coal, GeoHunan International Conference II, China (Final paper submitted).
  7. W Liyanage, and Ranjith PG (2010). Effects of Joints on the Strength of Rocklike Brittle Material, GeoHunan International Conference II, China (Final paper submitted).
  8. De Silava N, Ranjith PG, Kodikara J (2010). A study for super critical CO2 storage capacity estimation for coal, GeoHunan International Conference II, China (Final paper submitted).
  9. Chong WL, A. Haque A, Ranjith PG & Shahinuzzaman A (2010). 3DEC Modelling of Effect of Joints on Lateral Capacity of Socketed Pile in Laboratory Condition. Melbourne (Under review).
  10. Chong, W.L., Haque, A., Ranjith, PG. & Shahinuzzaman, A (2009). Numerical Modelling of Laboratory Behaviour of Single Laterally Loaded Piles Socketed into Jointed Rocks. Proceedings of 9th International Conference of Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; 413-420.
  11. W. L. Chong A. Haque P. G. Ranjith A. Shahinuzzaman (2008) Lateral Load Capacity of Single Piles Socketed into Jointed Rocks – A Review. 1st Southern hemisphere international rock mechanics symposium, pp297-310.
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  13. Jasinge D, Ranjith PG, Choi SK and Kodikara J (2008).Effect of Carbon Dioxide Injection on the Mechanical Properties of Synthetic Brown Coal, 1st Southern hemisphere international rock mechanics symposium, pp:301-308.
  14. Y. Mohan, P. G. Ranjith and A. Tharumarajah (2008). Achieving Sustainable Development: A Material Stewardship Approach in Mineral Industries, 3rd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ENVIRONMENT 22-25 May 2008, Athens, Greece (published).

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