Prof. Gopalakrishnarao Parthasarathy

CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, India

Chief Scientist



1989 Post Doc., Cornell University, USA

1984 Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, Physics

1980 M.Sc., Annamalai University Chidambaram, Physics

1978 B.Sc., Annamalai University Chidambaram, Physics

Publications (Selected)

1. U Chandra, KK Pandey, G Parthasarathy, SM Sharma, High-pressure investigations on Piplia Kalan eucrite meteorite using in-situ X-ray diffraction and 57 Fe Mössbauer spectroscopic technique up to 16 GPa, Geoscience Frontiers, 2015, in press.

2. G.Parthasarathy, and U. Chandra. Spectroscopic and High-pressure Investigation on Antogorite from the Ararki (L5)  Chondrite: Implications for the Determination of the peak metamorphic pressure . Lunar and Planetary Sciences. 1114-1-2, (2015).

3. U. Chandra, K.K. Pandey, G.Parthasarathy, S.M. Sharma,  High Pressure Studies on Piplia Kalan Meteorite: Role of Anorthite in the Determination of Residual Stress Due to Shock Impact [#1213], Lunar and Planetary Sciences, 46, 1213, 2015.

4. Satadru Bhattacharya, Souvik Mitra, Nirmala Jain, Prakash Chauhan, G. Parthasarathy, Saibal Gupta and Ajai,  Spectroscopic studies of possible Martian analogues from the Deccan Volcanic Province (DVP) of Kachchh, Gujarat, India: Implications for aqueous alteration processes on Mars, Submitted to J. Geophys. Res. (2014).

5. Pandey, Priyanka Tripathi , G. Parthasarathy, V. Rajagopalan and B. Sreedhar Geochemical and Mineralogical studies of Chlorine- rich Amphibole and Biotite from the 2.5 Ga mid-crustal basement beneath the 1993 Killari earthquake region, Maharashtra (India): Evidence for Mantle metasomatism beneath the Deccan Trap? Journal of Geological Society of India 83 (6), 599-612, (2014).

6. G.Parthasarathy, P.K. Sarkar. High pressure temperature studies of phyllosilicates from the deccan trap, india: implications  to martian mineralogy and near subsurafce processes.  (2014)  45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2014) 1326.

7. Usha Chandra, I. Zuburtikudis, G. Parthasarathy and B. Sreedhar. High Pressure Electrical resistivity and Mössbauer spectroscopic studies on narrow band Co0.8Fe0.2S2 nanoparticles up to 8 GPa. Phase Transitions 87 (5), 477–490  (2014).

8. V. Agarwal, G. Parthasarathy, M.S. Sisoidia, N. Bhandari. Fall, mineralogy and chemistry of Nathdwara H6 chondrite,  Geoscience Frontiers 5 (3), 413-417. (2014).

9. U. Chandra, G. Parthasarathy, N.V.C. Shekar, P.C. Sahu. X-ray diffraction, Mossbauer spectroscopic and Electrical Resisitivity studies on Lohawat meteorite under High-pressure up to 9 GPa. Chemie der Erde, vol 73, 197-203, 2013.

10. P. Gangwar, M. Pandey, S. Srikumar, R.S. Pala and G. Parthasarathy.  Increased Loading of Eu3+ Ions in Monazite LaVO4 Nanocrystals via Pressure-Driven Phase Transitions, Crystal Growth and Design, vol 13, 2344-2349 (2013).

11. G. Parthasarathy, D.K. Sharma, Y.K. Sharma, U. Chandra. High-pressure electrical resistivity studies on FeSe2 and FeTe2. AIP Conf.Proc. 1512; 40-41 (2013) doi 10.1063/1.4790900.

12. G Parthasarathy, F Gorbatsevich Electrical Properties of amphiboles from the Kola super deep borehole, Russia, at mantle pressure and temperature conditions Journal of Physics: Conference Series 377 (1), 012056 (2012) 2012 6 pages.

13. G Parthasarathy: Impact metamorphism at the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary and High-pressure Mineral Physics  Journal of Physics: Conference Series 377 (1), 012057 (2012) 2012 7 pages.

14. TR Ravindran, AK Arora, G Parthasarathy: Raman spectroscopic study of pressure induced amorphization in Cavansite Journal of Physics: Conference Series 377 (1), 012004 (2012) 5 pages.

15. P. Tripathi, G. Parthasarathy, S. M. Ahmad, O.P.Pandey. Mantle-derived fluids in the basement of the Deccan Trap: evidence from stable carbon and oxygen isotopes of carbonates from the Killari borehole basement, Maharashtra, India, International J Earth Sci (Geol. Rundsch), v 101, 1385-1395, 2012.

16. S. Bhattacharya, N. Jain, P. Chauhan, G. Parthasarathy, and Ajai, Study of hydrous sulfates from the deccan vocanic province (dvp) of Kutch, india: implications for aquious alteration processes on mars, 43rd  Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2012)1468-1 to 2.

17. B. Sreedhar, Ch. SatyaVani, D. Keerthi Devi, and G. Parthasarathy. Biomineralization and growth mechanism of morphologically controlled strontium carbonate. Mineralogical Magazine, v 75, 1925, (2011).

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21. Pandey, G.Parthasarathy, Priyanka Tripathi, V. Rajagopalan and B. Sreedhar. Chlorine and CO2 rich fluids in 2.5 Ga amphibolites- Granulite facies basement below the Killari earthquake region, India, and seismogenesis. Mineralogical Magazine, v 75, 1593 (2011).

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24. G. Parthasarathy and B. Sreedhar: Researches in Nanogeoscience and their relevance to the Planetary Shallow subsurface science. Nano Digest vol. 3, 14-17, September 2011.

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28. G. Parthasarathy Book Review on “Mathematical Analysis of Gravity Anomalies : Concepts, Algorithms and Computer Programs- by V. Chakravarthi, Lambert Academic Publishing GmBH &Co, KG, Germany,2010, pp 234” Journal of the Geological Society of India.v 77, 197-199, 2011.

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36. G.N. H. Kumar, G. Parthasarathy, J.L. Rao. Thermal and spectroscopic investigations of nanocrystalline calumetite Cu (OH, Cl2­). 2 H2O. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 74, Issue 12, Supplement 1, A 545 (2010).

37. Usha Chandra, G. Parthasarathy, Pooja Sharma, High-pressure phase transition in Microwave synthesized (CuFe2S3): resistivity studies up to 9 GPa. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 74, A159 (2010).

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39. Usha. Chandra, Pooja. Sharma, G. Parthasarathy, and B. Sreedhar. 57Fe Mossbauer Spectroscopy and electrical resistivity studies on naturally occurring native iron under high pressures up to 9.1 GPa. American Mineralogist (2010). 95, 870-875, (2010).

40. G.N. Hemantha Kumar, G. Parthasarathy, R.P.S. Chakradhar, J. L. Rao, and Y.C. Ratnakaram. Temperature dependence on the electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of natural jasper from Taroko Gorge (Taiwan). Physics and Chemistry of Minerals. 37, 201-208 (2010).

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