Prof. Jong Eun Lee

Yonsei University, South Korea



1993 Ph.D., Biochemistry, Neurochemistry, Yonsei University, Korea

1985 M.S., Biochemistry, Protein Biochemistry, Yonsei University, Korea

1983 B.S., Biochemistry, Yonsei University, Korea

Publications (Selected)

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  2. Jae Hwan Kim, Yong Woo Lee, Yu Mi Park , Kyung Ah Park, Seung Hwa Park, Won Taek Lee*, Jong Eun Lee*: Agmatine reduced collagen scar area accompanied with righting reflex recovery after complete transection spinal cord injury. accepted to Spine 2010. (ISSN 0362-2436)
  3. Dong-wook Rha, Seong-Woong Kang, Yoon-Ghil Park, Sung-Rae Cho, Won Taek Lee, Jong Eun Lee, Eun Sook Park: Effects of constraint-induced movement therapy on the neurogenesis and functional recovery after hypoxic-ischemic injury in mice. accepted to Developmental medicine and child neurology 2010. (ISSN 0012-1622)
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