Prof. Jian Chen

Sun Yat-sen University, China




2001 Ph.D., Sun Yat-sen University, China, Condensed Matter Physics

1993 M.Sc., Wuhan University, China, Condensed Matter Physics

Publications (Selected)

  1. Tungsten Oxide Nanowire on Carbon Cloth for Flexible Cold Cathode Xianghui Zhang, Li Gong, Kang Liu, Yuanzhi Cao, Xu Xiao, Wanmei Sun, Xuejiao Hu, Yihua Gao, Jian Chen, Jun Zhou, and Zhong Lin Wang Adv. Mater. 22, 5292-5296(2010).
  2. Performance and Stability Improvement of P3HT:PCBM Based Solar Cells by Thermally Evaporated Chromium Oxide (CrOx) Interfacial Layer Mingdong Wang, Qin Tang, Jin An, Fangyan Xie, Jian Chen, Shizhao Zheng, King Young Wong, Qian Miao, J. B. Xu ACS Applied Materials & Interface 2(10), 2699-2702(2010).
  3. Formation Mechanism of CaTiO3 Hollow Crystals with Different MicrostructuresYang, Xianfeng; Fu, Junxiang; Jin, Chongjun; Chen, Jian; Liang, Chaolun; Wu, Mingmei; Zhou, Wuzong Journal of the American Chemical Society 132, 14279-14287 (2010).
  4. Continuous Shape- and Spectroscopy-Tuning of Hematite Nanocrystals Liqiao Chen, Xianfeng Yang, Jian Chen, Jia Liu, Hao Wu, Hongquan Zhan, Chaolun Liang, Mingmei Wu Inorganic Chemistry 49, 8411-8420 (2010).
  5. Pressure-Induced Structural Transition in WO3 Nanowires J Chen*, S. H. Chen, D. Y. Lu, W. H. Zhang, F. Y. Xie, W. G. Xie, L. Gong, and C. X. Wang ChemPhysChem 11, 2546-2549 (2010).
  6. Surface Characterization on graphitization of nanodiamond powder annealed in Nitrogen ambient F. Y. Xie, W. G. Xie, L. Gong, W. H. Zhang, S. H. Chen, Q. Z. Zhang, and J Chen* Surf. Interface Anal. 42, 1514-1518 (2010).
  7. Enhanced ultraviolet lasing from Europium-doped zinc oxide nanocrystals L. Luo, L. Gong, Y. F. Liu, J. Chen,  C. R. Ding, X. G. Tang, X. L. Li, Z. R. Qiu, H. Z. Wang, X. M. Chen, K. F. Li, H. H. Fan, and K. W. Cheah Optical Materials 32:1066-1070(2010).
  8. Degree of conversion of a methacrylate-based endodontic sealer: a micro-Raman spectroscopic study Wu W C, Shrestha D, Wei X, Ling J Q, Zhang W H, Chen J Journal of Endodontics 36(2):329-333(2010).
  9. Towards an Optical Coupler using Fine-wire: A Study of Photovoltaic Effect of a Heterojunction Formed in Single Fine-Wire of Tungsten Oxides S H Chen, Jian Chen, S Z Deng, N S Xu Chinese Physics B 19(3), 037803 (2010).
  10. One-Dimensional Zn-Doped In2O3-SnO2 Superlattice Nanostructures Wang, Nengwen; Yang, Y.H.; Chen, Jian; Xu, Ningsheng; Yang, Guowei The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114, 2909-2912(2010).
  11. Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline CeO2-Tb2O3 Films Obtained by Electrochemical Deposition Method Dunlin Qu, Fangyan Xie, Hui Meng, Li Gong, Weihong Zhang, Jian Chen*, Gaoren Li, Peng Liu and Yexiang Tong The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114, 1424–1429(2010)
  12. Co doped ZnO (0001)-Zn by diffusion method and its magnetic properties W. G. Xie, F. Y. Xie, X. L. Yu, K. Xue, J. B. Xu*, J. Chen*, and R. Zhang Applied Physics Letter 95, 262506 (2009) Cross-Medal Arrays of Ta-Doped Rutile Titania Yang, Xianfeng; Chen, Jian; Gong, Li; Wu, Mingmei; Yu, Jimmy Journal of American Chemical Society 131, 12048-12049 (2009)
  13. Preparation and characterization of the amorphous tungsten cone field emitter arrays by Ar+ etching Fangyan Xie, Li Gong, Xiao Liu, Jian Chen*, Weiguang Xie, Weihong Zhang, Shanghui Chen Applied Surface Science 256, 693-697(2009)
  14. Template- and catalyst-free synthesis, growth mechanism and excellent field emission properties of large scale single-crystalline tubular b-SiC H. Cui, Y. Sun, G. Z. Yang, J. Chen, D. Jiang and C. X. Wang Chem. Commun., 6243-6245(2009)