Camillo Rosano

Prof. Camillo Rosano

National Institute for Cancer Research, Italy
Full Professor



1985-1992 M.Sc.-Ph.D., Università di Pavia (I), Nuclear and Theoretical Physics Department, Italy

Publications (selected)

  1. Condorelli, F., Stec-Martyna, E., Zaborowska, J., Felli , L., Gemmi, I., Ponassi, M., Rosano, C. Role of the non-receptor Tyrosine Kinase Fes in cancer. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2011, in press.
  2. Rosano, C. A Molecular Model of Hexokinase binding to the Outer Mitochondrial Membrane Porin VDAC1 Indicates a Potential Novel Target for Cancer Therapy.Mitochondrion, 2011, 11(3):513-519.
  3. Bertola, F., Filocamo, M., Casati, G., Mort, M., Rosano, C., Tylki-Szymanska, A., Tüysüz, B., Gabrielli, O., Grossi, S., Scarpa, M., Antuzzi, D., Dalmau, J., Di Rocco, M., Dionisi Vici, C., Okur, I., Rosell, J., Rovelli, A., Furlan,F., Rigoldi, M., Biondi, A., Cooper,D.N., Parini, R. IDUA (2011) Mutational Profiling of a Cohort of 102 European Patients with Mucopolysaccharidosis type I: Identification and Characterization of 35 Novel α-L-iduronidase (IDUA) Alleles.Human Mutation, 2011, Epub ahead of print.
  4. Rosano, C., Stec-Martyna E., Lappano, R., Maggiolini, M. Structure-Based Approach for the Discovery of Novel Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2011, 18(8):1188-1194.
  5. Rosano C., Rocco M. Solution properties of full-length integrin alpha(IIb)beta3 refined models suggest environment-dependent induction of alternative bent /extended resting states.FEBS J, 2010, 277:3190-202.
  6. Ponassi, M., Felli, L., Parodi, S., Valbusa, U., Rosano, C. N-terminal “acylphosphatase-like” domain of the Hydrogenase maturation factor HypF crystals grown in microgravity display improved internal order.J Cryst Growth, 2010, 314: 246-251.

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