Radoljub I.

Prof. Radoljub I. Ristic

University of Sheffield, UK
Associate Professor



1980-1985  Ph.D., University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Physics
1975-1978  M.Sc., University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Physics
1969-1974  B.Sc., University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Physics

Publications (selected)

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  2. Y. Zhao, D. Coca, S. A. Billings, L. L. De Matos, R. I. Ristic, Identification of geometrical models of interface evolution for dendritic crystal growth, Physics Letters A, 375: 1084-1091, (2011).
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  4. H. Wu, N. Reeves-McLaren, S. Jones, R. I. Ristic, J. P. A. Fairclough, A. R. West, Phase Transformations of Glutamic Acid and Its Decomposition Products, Crystal Growth & Design, 10(2):988-994, (2010).
  5. R. I. Ristic, J. J. DeYoreo, C. M. Chew, Does Impurity-Induced Step-Bunching Invalidate Key Assumptions of the Cabrera-Vermilyea Model?, Crystal Growth & Design, 8(4):1119-1122, (2008).
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