Dr. Zdenek Hel

Department of Pathology

University Of Alabama at Birmingham, USA



1997 Ph.D., McGill University, Canada

1990 M.Sc., Charles University, Czech Republic

Publications (selected)

  1. Hel, Z., Skamene, E., and D. Radzioch. 1996. Two distinct regions in the 3'-UTR of tumor necrosis factor-α mRNA form complexes with macrophage proteins.Mol. Cell. Biol.16:5579-5590.
  2. Hel, Z., DiMarco, S., and D. Radzioch. 1998. Characterization of the RNA-binding proteins forming complexes with a novel putative regulatory region in the 3'-UTR of TNF-α mRNA.Nuc. Acid Res.26:2803-2812.
  3. Olivier, M., Cook, P., Desanctis, J.,Hel, Z., Wojciechowski, W., Reiner, N.E., Skamene, E., and D. Radzioch.1998. Phenotypic difference between Bcg(r) and Bcg(s) macrophages is related to differences in protein-kinase-C-dependent signalling.Eur. J. Biochem.251:734-743.
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  5. DiMarco, S.,Hel, Z., Lachance, C., Furneaux, H., and D. Radzioch. 2001. Polymorphism in the 3'-untranslated region of TNF-α mRNA impairs binding of the post-transcriptional regulatory protein HuR to TNFalpha mRNA.Nucleic Acids Res.29:863-71.
  6. Stevceva, L., Tryniszewska, E.,Hel, Z., Nacsa, J., Kelsall, B., Washington-Parks, R., and G. Franchini. 2001. Differences in time of virus appearance in the blood and virus-specific immune responses in intravenous and intrarectal primary SIVmac251 infection of rhesus macaques; a pilot study.BMC Infect. Dis.1:9.
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