Dr.Xiaodong Li

Prof. Xiaodong Li

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of South Carolina, USA






1996   Postdoc., Ohio State University,  Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D., Harbin Institute of Technology, Materials Science and Engineering
M.S., Harbin Institute of Technology, Materials Science and Engineering
B.S., Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute, Mechanical Engineering

Publications (Selected)

  1. Xinyong Tao, Yiping Li, Lixin Dong, Wenkui Zhang, Hui Huang, Yongping Gan, and Xiaodong Li, "Biotemplated, One-Pot and Large-Scale Synthesis of One-Dimensional Carbide (B4C, SiC, TiC) Nanostructures," submitted for publication.
  2. Zhi-Hui Xu and Xiaodong Li, "Deformation Strengthening of the Biopolymer Matrix of Nacre," submitted for publication. 
  3. Zhanjun Gu, Yingchao Yang, Kaiyuan Li, Xinyong Tao, Gyula Eres, Jane Y. Howe, Litong Zhang, Xiaodong Li, and Zheng Wei Pan, "Ultra-Tough Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Silicon Carbide Composites by Chemical Vapor Infiltration," submitted for publication.
  4. Xinyong Tao, Lixin Dong, Bradley J. Nelson, and Xiaodong Li, "Nano-ElectroMechanical Position/Force Sensing Based on Ductile Peapod B4C Nanowires," submitted for publication.
  5. Jianfeng Zang, Zhi-Hui Xu, Richard A. Webb, and Xiaodong Li, "Electrical Self-healing of Mechanically Damaged Zinc Oxide Nanobelts," Nano Letters (in press). (Impact Factor: 10.371)
  6. Zhi-Hui Xu, Helena Jin, Wei-Yang Lu, Michael A. Sutton, and Xiaodong Li, "Influence of Scanning Rotation on Nanoscale Artificial Strain in Open-loop Atomic Force Microscopy," Experimental Mechanics (in press). (Impact Factor: 1.469)
  7. Zhi-Hui Xu, Yingchao Yang, Peng Huang, and Xiaodong Li, "Determination of Interfacial Properties of Thermal Barrier Coatings by Shear Test and Inverse Finite Element Method," Acta Materialia, 58 (2010) 5972-5979. (Impact Factor: 3.729)
  8. Chia-Hung Lin, Hai Ni, Xinnan Wang, Ming Chang, Yuh J. Chao, Juti Rani Deka, Xiaodong Li, "In-situ Nanomechanical Characterization of Single Crystalline Boron Nanowires by Buckling," Small, 6 (2010) 927-931. (Impact Factor: 6.525)
  9. Xiaodong Li, Ioannis Chasiotis, and Takayuki Kitamura, "In situ Scanning Probe Microscopy Nanomechanical Testing,"  MRS Bulletin, 35 (2010) 361-367. (Impact Factor: 5.29; 1 citation)
  10. Zhi-Hui Xu, Young-Bae Park, and Xiaodong Li, "Nano/Micro-mechanical and Tribological Characterization of Ar, C, N, and Ne Ion Implanted Si," Journal of Materials Research, 25 (2010) 880-889. (Impact Factor: 1.743)
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  13. Xinyong Tao, Lixin Dong, Xinnan Wang, Wenkui Zhang, Bradley J. Nelson, and Xiaodong ,Li "B4C Nanowire - Carbon Microfiber Hybrid Structures and Composites from Cotton T-shirts," Advanced Materials, 22 (2010) 2055-2059. (Impact Factor: 8.191)
  14. Lihong Bao, Zhi-Hui Xu, Rui Li, and Xiaodong Li, "Catalyst-Free Synthesis and Structural
  15. and Mechanical Characterization of Single Crystalline Ca2B2O5•H2O Nanobelts and Stacking Faulted Ca2B2O5 Nanogrooves," Nano Letters, 10 (2010) 255-262. (Impact Factor: 10.371; 1 citation)
  16. Guoxin Cao, Xi Chen, Zhi-Hui Xu and Xiaodong Li, "Measuring Mechanical Properties of Micro-and Nano-Fibers Embedded in an Elastic Substrate: Theoretical Framework and Experiment," Composites: Part B, 41 (2010) 33–41. (Impact Factor: 1.481)
  17. Haibo Guo, Xingcheng Xiao, Yue Qi, Zhihui Xu, and Xiaodong Li, "Enhance Diamond Coating Adhesion by Oriented Interfacial Interlayer Microcracking," Journal of Applied Physics, 106 (2009) 123514. (Impact Factor: 2.201)
  18. Jinzhu Tan, Y. J. Chao, Xiaodong Li, and J. W. Van Zee, "Microindentation Test for Assessing the Mechanical Properties of Silicone rubber Exposed to a Simulated PEM Fuel Cell Environment," Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, 6 (2009) 041017. (Impact Factor: 1.167)
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