Dr. Song Liu

University of Manitoba, Canada



2007   Ph.D., University of California, Davis,  Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry with emphasis on Fiber and Polymer Science

2001   Master of Engineering, China Textile University (Now: Donghua University), Textile Chemistry

1997   Bachelor of Engineering, China Textile University (Now: Donghua University), Textile Chemistry

Publications (Selected)

  1. He, W., Gu, X., Liu, S.* Surfactant-free One Step Synthesis of Dual-functional Polyurea Microcapsule: Contact Infection Control and Drug Delivery. 2012, submitted to Advanced Functional Materials.
  2. Li, L., Pu, T., Zhanel, G.G., Zhao N., Liu S.* New biocides with both N-chloramine and quaternary ammonium salt moieties exert enhanced bactericidal activity. 2012, submitted to Advanced Healthcare Materials.
  3. Li, L., Zhao N., Liu S.* Versatile Surface Biofunctionalization of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) by Interpenetrating Polymerization of a butynyl Monomer Followed by “Click” Chemistry. Polymer 2012; 53(1): 63-78.
  4. Zhao, N., Logsetty, S., Liu S.* Durability of N-halamine Biocide to Ethylene Oxide Sterilization. Journal of Burn Care & Research 2011. (in press).
  5. Zhao, N., Liu, S.* Thermoplastic Semi-IPN of Polypropylene (PP) and Polymeric N-halamine for Efficient and Durable Antibacterial Activity. European Polymer Journal 2011; 47 (8):1654-1663.
  6. Zhao, N., Zhanel, G.G., Liu, S.* Thermoplastic Semi-Interpenetration Network of Poly( ethylene terephthalate) and Polymeric N-halamine: Regenerability of Antibacterial Performance, Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2011;120(1): 611–622.
  7. Rudenja, S., Zhao, N., Liu, S.* Surface Interpenetrating Networks of Polyacrylamide in Poly(ethylene terephthalate) as a Means of Surface Modification. European Polymer Journal 2010; 46(10): 2078-2084.
  8. Liu, S.*, Zhao, N., & Rudenja, S. Surface Interpenetrating Networks of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) and Polyamides for Effective Biocidal Property. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 2010; 211(3):286-296.
  9. Liu, S., Sun, G. New Refreshable N-Halamine Polymeric Biocides: N-Chlorination of Acyclic Amide Grafted Cellulose. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 2009; 48(2): 613-618.
  10. Liu S., Sun G. Biocidal Acyclic Halamine Polymers: Conversion of Acrylamide-Grafted-Cotton to Acyclic Halamine. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2008; 108(6): 3480-3486.
  11. Liu S., Sun G. Radical Graft Functional Modification of Cellulose with Allyl and Vinyl Monomers: Chemistry and Structure Characterization. Carbohydrate Polymers 2008; 71:614-625.
  12. Liu, S., Sun, G. Radical Graft Functional Modification of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) with Allyl Monomer: Chemistry and Structure Characterization. Polymer 2008; 49: 5225–5232. This article was highlighted in VerticalNews Technology in its newsletter released on January 13th, 2009: “Findings from University of California advance knowledge in polymer research”.
  13. Liu S., Sun G. Durable and Regenerable Biocidal Polymers: Acyclic N-Halamine Cotton Cellulose. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2006; 45:6477-6482.

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