Dr. Maria Papafotiou

Prof. Maria Papafotiou

Agricultural University of Athens, Greece



1983  Ph.D., University of London

1977  M.Sc., Agricultural University of Athens

Publications (Selected)

  1. Bertsouklis K.F. and M. Papafotiou (2013). Seed germination ofArbutus unedo, A. andrachneand their natural hybridA. andrachnoidesin relation to temperature and period of storage.HortScience,48, 347-351.
  2. Kartsonas E. and M. Papafotiou (2013). Effect of photon flux, CO2concentration and culture vessels covering material, on physiological characteristics ofQuercus euboica in vitrogrown plantlets.Acta Horticulturae,990, 415-421.
  3. Martini A.N. and M. Papafotiou (2013a).Micropropagation as means for the conservation of the rare and endangered xMalosorbus florentinaZucc. (Rosaceae).Acta Horticulturae, 990, 409-414.
  4. Martini A.N. and M. Papafotiou (2013b). Effects of plant growth regulators and environmental factors onin vitropropagation of xMalosorbus florentina,Propagation of Ornamental Plants,13(3), 112-122.
  5. Martini A.N., M. Papafotiou and S.N. Vemmos (2013). Season and Explant Origin Affect Phenolic Content, Browning of Explants and Micropropagation of xMalosorbus florentina(Zucc.) Browicz.HortScience,48, 102-107.
  6. Papafotiou M. and N. Papanagiotou (2013). Comparative Evaluation with Biometric and Physiological Characteristics of Ornamental Shrubs as for their Contribution to the Environment under Two Irrigation Frequencies.Acta Horticulturae,990, 369-372.
  7. Papafotiou, M., N. Pergialioti, E.A. Papanastasatos and L. Tassoula (2013). Effect of Substrate Type and Depth and the Irrigation Frequency on Growth of Semiwoody Mediterranean species in Green Roofs.Acta Horticulturae,990, 481-486.
  8. Papafotiou M., N. Pergialioti, L. Tassoula, I. Massas and G. Kargas (2013). Growth of native aromatic xerophytes in an extensive Mediterranean green roof, as affected by substrate type and depth, and irrigation frequency.HortScience,48(10), 1327-1333.