Prof. Xianfang Song

Prof. Xianfang Song

Key Lab. of Water Cycle & Related Land Surface Processes

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China




1993 Ph.D., University of Tsukuba

1985 M.S., Changchun College of Geology

1980 B.E., Hebei College of Geology

Publications (selected)

1. Song Xianfang, Wang Shiqin, Xiao Guoqiang, Wang Zhimin, Liu Xin, Wang Peng. A study of soil water movement combining soil water potential with stable isotopes in two sites of shallow groundwater areas in North China Plain. Hydrological Processes. 2009.

2. Liu J, Song X, Yuan G et al., Stable isotopes of summer monsoonal precipitation in southern China and the moisture sources evidence from δ18O signature. Journal of Geographic Sciences, 2008, 18: 155-165.

3. Li F, Song X, Tang C et al., Tracing infiltration and recharge using stable isotope in Taihang Mt., North China. Environment Geology, 2007, 53:687-696.

4. Song Xianfang, Liu Xiangchao, Xia JunA study of interaction between surface water and ground-water using environmental isotope in Huaisha River basin. Science in China, 2006,12,Vol.49(12), 1299-1310.

5. Song, X. Saito, G., Kodama, M. & Sawada, H.Early Detection System of Drought in East Asia Using NDVI from NOAA/AVHRR Data. The International Journal of Remote Sensing. Vol. 25(16) 3105 – 3111, 2004.

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