Dr.Bernd Wünnemann

Prof. Bernd Wünnemann

Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany   






1990 Post-doc., paleoclimate issues in Eastern Sahara (Sudan, Egypt)

1986 Doc., Scientific research on glacial geomorphology in northern Europe


Publications (selected)

1.     Wünnemann, B., Demske, D., Tarasov, P.E., Kotlia, B.S., Bloemendal, J., Diekmann, B., Hartmann, K., Reinhardt, C., Riedel, F., Arya, N., (2010). Hydrological evolution during the last 15 kyr in the Tso Kar lake basin (Ladakh, India), derived from geomorphological, sedimentological and palynological records. Quaternary Science Reviews 29 (9-10), 1138-1155.

2.     Boomer, I., Wünnemann, B., Mackay, A., Austin, P., Sorrel, P., Reinhardt, C., Keyser, D., Guichard, F., Fontugne, M., (2009). Advances in understanding the late Holocene history of the Aral Sea region. Quaternary International 194, 79-90.

3.     Demske, D., Tarasov, P.E., Wünnemann, B., Riedel, F. (2009). Late glacial and Holocene vegetation, Indian monsoon and westerly circulation dynamics in the Trans-Himalaya recorded in the pollen profile from the high-altitude lake Tso Kar, Ladakh, NW India. Palaeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 279 (3-4), 172-185.

4.     Wünnemann, B., Reinhardt, C., Kotlia, B.S., Riedel, F. (2008). Observations on the relationship between lake formation, permafrost activity and lithalsa development during the last 20,000 years in the Tso Kar basin, Ladakh, India. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 19:341-358.

5.     Wünnemann, B., Hartmann,K., Janssen, M., Zhang, H.C, (2007). Responses of Chinese desert lakes to climate instability during the past 45,000 years In: Madsen, D.B., Chen, F.H., and Gao, X. (Eds.), Late Quaternary Climate Change and Human Adaptation in Arid China, Developments in Quaternary Science 9, 11-24. Elsevier, Amsterdam.

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7.     Reinhardt, C., Wünnemann,B., Krivonogov, S., (2007). Geomorphological evidence for lake level fluctuations of the Aral Sea during the last millennia. Geomorphology 93: 302-315.

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10.   Wünnemann, B. & K. Hartmann (2002). Morphodynamics and Paleohydrography of the Gaxun Nur Basin, Inner Mongolia, China. Zeitschrift f. Geomorphologie, N.F. Supplementband 126,147-168.


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