Prof. Rajasekhar Balasubramanian

Division of Environmental Science and Engineering

National University of Singapore, Singapore



1991 Ph.D., in Atmospheric Science, University of Miami

1985 M.Tech., in Chemical Instrumentation, Indian Institute of Technology

1983 M.Sc., in Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology

1981 B.Sc., in Chemistry, St. Xavier’s College

Publications (selected)

1. Kuppusamy, V, S Muthuswamy and R Balasubramanian, "Biosorption of Lanthanum, Cerium, Europium and Ytterbium by a Brown Marine Alga, Turbinaria Conoides". INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, (2010).

2. Joshi, U and R Balasubramanian, "Characteristics and Environmental Mobility of Trace Elements in Urban Runoff". Chemosphere, (2010).

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4. Kuppusamy, V, M J Umid and R Balasubramanian, "Removal of Metal Ions From Stormwater Runoff by Low-Cost Adsorbents: Batch and Column Studies". JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING-ASCE, (2010).

5. He, J, B Zielinska and R Balasubramanian, "Composition of Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in the Urban Atmosphere of Singapore: Influence of Biomass Burning". ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, (2010).

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7. Sundarambal, P, R Balasubramanian, P Tkalich and J He, "Impact of Biomass Burning on Surface Water Quality in Southeast Asia through Atmospheric Deposition: Field Observations". ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, (2010).

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20. Karthikeyan, S and R Balasubramanian, "Inter-Laboratory Study to Improve the Quality of the Analysis of Nutrients in Rainwater Chemistry". ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 43 (21) (2009): 3424-3430.

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