Ruomei Li

Prof. Ruomei Li

Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering (CSEE)China



Ruomei. Li received the B.E. from Hefei University of Technology, China in 1982; the M.E. from China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) in 1989; the Ph.D. from the University of Bath, UK in 2000. From 1982 to 1986, she worked in the Power Dispatch Center of the Electrical Power Company of Anhui, China. She has been a research engineer on power system operation and planning at CEPRI from 1989 to 1994. She was a visitor for power reliability research in UMIST, UK, from 1994~1995. From 2000 to 2004, she worked as the chief engineer of S&T Dept of CEPRI, China. Since 2004, she has served as the deputy secretary general and then secretary general (from 2009) of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE).

Dr. Ruomei LI has been very active in several international organizations. She has been the member of Cigre Steering Committee and Administrative Council since 2006. She was chairperson of Asia-Oceania Regional Council of CIGRE (the AORC) from 2010-2012. She is also the member of Directing Committee of CIRED from 2007. She is a member of WFEO Energy committee since 2007, with the active participation and contribution of WFEO events. And now the Vice Chairman of Energy Committee of WFEO. She is, in fact, a main organizer since 2004, for most of the CSEE hosted international/national technical events in China.

Dr. Ruomei LI’s technical interest is in the research of power system planning, operation and digital simulation. Her research work during the PhD studies is power electronics. Numbers of paper/report publications related to those areas. In recent years, being a professional engineering community organizer, she has put in most of efforts in setting up the communication platform for the engineers. Her focus is now in how to improve the energy efficiency from energy production, distribution and utilization, and how to reduce their negative impact on the natural environment.