Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Rahman M. Farghaly

Mathematical Department, Assiut University, Egypt

Associated Professor



2000 Ph.D., Dynamical Systems, University of Assiut (Egypt) & Oldenburg (Germany)

1993 M.Sc., Quantum optics & Assiut University, Egypt

1988 B.Sc., Mathematics, Assiut University, Egypt

Publications (Selected)

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  2. Gamal M. Mahmoud, Ahmed A. M. Farghaly, A. A.-H. Shoreh, A Technique for Studying a Class of Fractional-Order Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, International Journal of Bifurcation and chaos, 27(9) 1750144 (2017).
  3. Gamal M. Mahmoud, Tarek Aboelenen, Tarek M. Abed-Elhameed, Ahmed A. Farghaly, “Generalized Wright stability for distributed fractional-order nonlinear dyna mics systems and their synchronization, Nonlinear Dynamics 97 413-429 (2019).
  4. G. M. Mahmoud, T. M. Abed-Elhameed, A. A. Farghaly, Double compound combination synchronization among eight n-dimensional chaotic systems, Chinese Physics B 27 080502 (2018).
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  7. G. M. Mahmoud, A. A. Farghaly, T. M. Abed-Elhameed, S. A. Aly, A. A. Arafa, Dynamics of distributed order hyperchaotic complex van der Pol oscillators and their synchronization and control, has been accepted for publication in the European Physical Journal Plus (2019).
  8. Saad Z. Rida1, Ahmed A. Farghaly2,3,∗, Shaimaa A. Azoz2 and Fatma Hussien2,” Global Stability of a Delayed Fractional-Order SEI Epidemic Model with Logistic Growth”, Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, 15, N. 1 (2021)1-12.
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