Dr. Sokchea Lim

Boler College of Business

John Carroll University




2013 Ph.D., Economics, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA

2006 M.A., International Development, International University of Japan, Japan

2001 M.Sc., Economics, Royal University of Law and Economics, Cambodia

Publications (Selected)

  1. “Migrant Labor and Remittances: Macroeconomic Consequences and Policy Responses” (with AKM Mahbub Morshed and Stephen J. Turnovsky) – forthcoming in Journal of Human Capital.
  2. “Culture and Income across Countries: Evidence from Family Ties” (with Simran K. Kahai and Channary Khun) – forthcoming in Journal of Economic Studies.
  3. “Policy to Promote Overseas Migrant Work: A Macro-Dynamic Framework” Mathematical Social Sciences, January 2021, 109, 113-125.
  4. “Why Do U.S. Parents Prefer Private to Foster Care Adoptions? The Role of Adoption Subsidies, Gender, Race, and Special Needs” (with Channary Khun and Sajal Lahiri) Economic Inquiry, October 2020, 58(4), 1757-1782.
  5. “Dynamics of Immigrant Assimilation: Lessons from Immigrants' Trust” (with AKM Mahbub Morshed) Journal of Economic Studies, 2019, 46 (3), 518-532.
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Book Chapter

“International Migration and Foreign Direct Investment in a Macro-Dynamic Model of Two Small Open Economies” forthcoming in Robert M. Sauer (ed.), Encyclopedia of Global Migration (2021). World Scientific.

Book Review

“Review of Sri Lanka’s Remittance Economy: A Multiscalar Analysis of Migration-Underdevelopment”, International Migration Review, 2020, 54 (4), 1281-1283.

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