Jian Chen, Ph.D.

Department of Geography

University of North Alabama, USA

Assistant Professor



2008 Ph.D., University of Memphis, Earth Sciences

2003 M.Sc., East China Normal University, Physical Geography

1996 B.Sc., East China Normal University, Geography

Publications (selected)

1. Chen, J., Broussard, W.P., Borrok, D.M., Speyrer, F.B. 2019. A GIS-based framework to identify opportunities to use surface water to offset groundwater withdrawals, Water Resource Management 33(9): 3227-3237,

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6. Abbady, S., Ke, C., Lavergne, J., Chen, J., Raghavan V.V., and Benton, R., 2017. Online Mining for Association Rules and Collective Anomalies in Data Streams, in Big Data (Big Data), 2017 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 2370-2379), Boston, MA. IEEE.

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10. Chen, J. and Yu, L-Z., 2003, Analysis of requirements for a small watershed environmental management information system based on SDSS, Ocean Development and Management, 20(3): 20-24

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