Dr. Khaled Salahel Din Ibraheem Ahmed
South Valley University, Egypt



2006 Ph.D., South Valley University, Egypt

2003 M.Sc., South Valley University, Egypt

1997 B.Sc., South Valley University, Egypt

Publications (Selected)

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  2. Terrestrial gamma radioactivity levels and their corresponding external exposure of some soil samples from Elba protective area, South Eastern of Egypt. N.K. Ahmed, A.M. El Arabi, R. Tykva and K. Salahel Din. The 8th Radiation Physics and Protection Conference, Beni-Sueif University, Egypt, 12-15, Nov.2006.
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  7. Pb-210 Measurements in Environmental samples. Abbady, K. Salahel Din, and R. Michel S. Harb, A. First International Conference on Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity, Bergen, Norway, 15 – 19 June 2008.
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