Dr.Lama Sleem

Université de Franche Comte, France



2020 Ph.D., Department of Cryptography/Informatics, Université de Franche Comte, France

2015 M.Sc., Department of Signal, Telecom, Image and Speech, Lebanese University,Lebanon

2014 B.Sc., Department of Computer and Communication Engineering, Islamic University of Lebanon

Publications (Selected)

  1. Lama Sleem, Raphaël Couturier,2020,“SPECK-R: An Ultra Light-Weight Cryptographic Scheme for Internet of Things- (Accepted),”Multimedia Tools and Applications.
  2. Sleem, L., Couturier, R, 2020,“TestU01 and Practrand: Tools for a randomness evaluation for famous multimedia ciphers,” Multimedia tools and applications.
  3. Lama Sleem, Hassan Noura, Raphaël Couturier, 2020,“Towards A Secure ITS: Overview, Challenges and Solutions,” Journal of Information Security and Applications.
  4. Noura, H., Chehab, A., Sleem, L., Noura, M., Couturier, R., & Mansour, M. M., 2018, “One round cipher algorithm for multimedia IoT devices,” Multimedia tools and applications.
  5. Noura, M., Noura, H., Chehab, A., Mansour, M. M., Sleem, L., & Couturier, R., 2018, “A dynamic approach for a lightweight and secure cipher for medical images” Multimedia Tools and Applications.
  6. Noura, H., Sleem, L., Noura, M., Mansour, M. M., Chehab, A., & Couturier, R., 2017, “A new efficient lightweight and secure image cipher scheme,” Multimedia Tools and Applications.

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