Suresh Veeramani

Department of Internal Medicine

University of Iowa, USA



2003 Ph.D., Indian Veterinary Research Institute, India, Veterinary Immunology

2000 M.Sc., Indian Veterinary Research Institute, India, Veterinary Immunology

1998 B.Sc., Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, India, Veterinary Science

Publications (Selected)

1.   Veeramani S, Blackwell SE, Thiel WH, Yang ZZ, Ansell SM, Giangrande PH and Weiner GJ (2019) An RNA aptamer-based biomarker platform demonstrates high soluble CD25 occupancy by IL2 in the serum of follicular lymphoma patients. Cancer Immunol Res.7(9):1511-22. PMID: 31383650

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5. Veeramani S, Chou YW, Lin FC, Muniyan S, Lin FF, Kumar S, Xie Y, Lele SM, Tu Y, Lin MF. (2012) Reactive oxygen species induced by p66Shc longevity protein mediate nongenomic androgen action via tyrosine phosphorylation signaling to enhance tumorigenicity of prostate cancer cells. Free Radic Biol Med. 53(1):95-108.

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