Prof. Anjanapura Venktaramanaiah Raghu

Department of Chemistry

Jain Deemed-to-be University, India



2006 Ph.D., Karnatak University in Dharwad India

1996 M.Sc, University of Mysore in Mysore, India

Publications (Selected)

  1. K. Karthik, D. Radhika, M.P. Nikolova, Kishor K. Sadasivuni, K.R. Reddy, A.V. Raghu*, Nanostructured metal oxides and its hybrids for biomedical applications, Advanced in Colloid and Interface Science. 102178, 2020. [IF: 9.922]. org/10.1016/j.cis.2020.102178
  2. Janardhan L. H., Dong J. Moon, T. Naveen Kumar, A.V. Raghu*, K.R. Reddy, Catalyst design for maximizing C5+ yields during Fischer-Tropsch synthesi, Accepted, online International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2020. [IF: 4.939]. org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2019.12.021
  3. Twinkle Mathew, Aishwarya Sree, Aishwarya, A. V. Raghu*, K.R Reddy, Farhan Zameer, “Graphene-based functional nanomaterials for biomedical and bioanalysis applications” Accepted online, Flat Chem. 2020. IF: 3.91. org/10.1016/j.flatc.2020.100184
  4. S. Priya, Brijesh, K.R. Reddy, C. Venkata Reddy, Nagara P. Shetti, R.V. Kulkarni, A. V. Raghu*, Biohydrogen Production from Organic Waste – A Review, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 43, 7, 1240-1248, 2020. [IF: 3.742]. org/10.1002/ceat.201900400
  5. M.S. Jyothi, K. R. Reddy, K. Soontarapa, S. Naveen, A.V. Raghu*, Nagaraj P. Shetti, M. N. Nadagoudae, T. M. Aminabhavi, Review Membranes for dehydration of alcohols via pervaporation, Journal of Environmental Management, 242, 415-429, 2019, [IF: 5.647] org/10.1016/j.jenvman.2019.04.043
  6. Shivaraj Patil, Sunitha Patil , G. Nagaraju , K. R. Redy, A. V. Raghu, Venkata. Reddy, Recent advances in non-metals-doped TiO2 nanostructured photocatalysts for visible-light driven hydrogen production, CO2 reduction and air purification, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44(26), 13022-13039, 2019 [IF: 4.939]. org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2019.07.241
  7. B. S. Dakshayini, K. K. Babu, K.R. Reddy, Amit Mishra, Soumen Basu, Nagraj P. Shetti, A.V. Raghu, “Role of conducting polymer and metal oxide-based hybrids for applications in amperometric sensors and biosensors” Microchemical Journal 147, 7-24, 2019. [IF: 3.594] 10.1016/j.microc.2019.02.061
  8. J. Usha, Jeethendra, B.M. Nagabhushana, B. Dinesh, K.R. Reddy, A.V. Raghu*, Template-free hydrothermal synthesis of hexaferrite nanoparticles and its adsorption capability for different organic dyes: Comparative adsorption studies, isotherms and kinetic studies, Material Science for Energy Technology, 2, 3, 657-666, 2019. org/10.1016/j.mset.2019.08.005
  9. K.V. Karthik; Ch. Venkata Reddy; Ch. Venkata Reddy; K.R. Reddy; R. Ravishankar; A.V. Raghu*, “Barium Titanate nanostructures for the photocatalytic hydrogen generation and photodegradation of pollutants” Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 20646-20653, 30, 23, 2019. [IF: 2.324].

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