Name: Dr. Qian Veronica Qin

Affiliations: Agilent Technologies, Inc. USA

Biopharma Application Scientist



2019  Ph.D., Chemistry, Michigan State University, USA

2010  B.S., Chemistry, Xiamen University, China

Publications (Selected)

1.     Chu, T.; Qin, V.; Coffey, A.; Lyster, E.; Chen, Wu.; Staples, G. “Making the most of size exclusion bioseparations using sub-2 micron column technology.” LCGC North America 2019, 37, 352.

2.     Qin, Q.; Yin, Z.; Wu, X.; Haas, K. M.; Huang, X. “Valency and density matter: deciphering impacts of immunogen structures on immune responses against a tumor associated carbohydrate antigen using synthetic glycopolymers.” Biomaterials 2016, 101, 189.

3.     Qin, Q.; Yin, Z.; Bentley, P.; Huang, X. “Carbohydrate antigen delivery by water soluble copolymers as potential anti-cancer vaccines.” MedChemComm 2014, 5, 1126 (inside cover article).