Prof. Gamil Sayed Gamil Zeedan

National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt


2007 Ph.D., Cairo University, Egypt

2004 M.V.Sc., Cairo University, Egypt

2000 B.V.Sc., Cairo University, Egypt

Publications (Selected)

  1. Gamil S.G. Zeedan, Ahmad M.M. Allam, Soad M. Nasr and Abeer M. Aballhamed (2014): Evaluation the Efficacy of Egyptian Propolis Against Parapox Viruses by Production of IFN- , TNF- and Immunoglobulin in Experimental Rat, World Applied Sciences Journal 31 (2): 199-207.
  2. Nahed H. Ghoneim; Gamil S.G. Zeedan; Alaa A. Ghazy and Abeer M. Abdalhamed (2014): Molecular and Serological detection of the most common Brucella species infecting bovine and human in Egypt, International Journal of Advanced Research (2014), Volume 2, Issue 7, 217-226.
  3. Zeedan G. S.G.; Hassanain M A.; Shampaan R.M., (2014): Isolation of  parapoxviruses from skin lesion of man and animals in Middle Egypt. Global Veterinaria 12 (1): 19-25.
  4. Shaapan R. M., Zeedan G. S. G., Soad M. Nasr and Abeer M. Abdal hamed 2., (2014): Immunostimulant Effect of Egyptian Propolis Extract against Parapox virus in experimental Rats  Nature and Science: 12(2).
  5. Nahed Ghoneim Shalaby; S. A.; Nawal Hassanain; Zeedan G. S.G.; Soliman Y. A.; Abeer Mostafa, (2010): Compartive study between serological and molecular diagnosis for  detection of Toxoplasma gondiiI among women and small ruminants in  Egypt. Foodborne pathogens and Disease, 7(1) 17-22 .
  6. Nahed Ghoneim Shalaby; S.A.; Nawal Hassanain; Zeedan G. S. G.; Soliman Y. A; Abeer  Mostafa, (2009): Detection of genomic Toxoplasma gondii DNA and anti-Toxoplasma antibodies in small ruminants and High risk pregnant and infertile women: Global Veterinaria 3(5): 395-400.