Dr. A. L. Roy Vellaisamy

Department of Physics and Materials Science

City University of Hong Kong, China

Associate Professor



2004 Ph.D., University of Nagpur, India, Materials Engineering

Publications (selected)

  1. Ye Zhou, Su-Ting Han, Xian Chen, Feng Wang, Yong-Bing Tang and V. A. L.Roy*, An upconverted photonic nonvolatile memory, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 5, 4720, 2014.
  2. Su-Ting Han, Ye Zhou, Qing Dan Yang, Li Zhou, Long-Biao Huang, Yan Yan, Chun-Sing Lee, and V. A. L. Roy*, Energy-Band Engineering for Tunable Memory Characteristics through Controlled Doping of Reduced Graphene Oxide, ACS NANO, 8 (2), 1923–1931, 2014.
  3. S. T. Han, Y. Zhou, C. Wang, L. He, W. J. Zhang, and V. A. L. Roy*,  Layer-by-Layer-Assembled Reduced Graphene Oxide/Gold Nanoparticle Hybrid Double-Floating-Gate Structure for Low-Voltage Flexible Flash Memory, ADVANCED MATERIALS, 25 (6), 872-877, 2013.
  4. S. T. Han, Y. Zhou, Z. X. Xu, L. B. Huang, X. B. Yang and V. A. L. Roy*, Microcontact printing of ultrahigh density gold nanoparticle monolayer for flexible flash memories,  ADVANCED MATERIALS, 24 (26), 3556-3561, 2012.
  5. Y. Zhou, S. T. Han, Z. X. Xu, and V. A. L. Roy*, Controlled ambipolar charge transport through a self-assembled gold nanoparticle monolayer, ADVANCED MATERIALS, 24 (9), 1247-1251, 2012.