Dr. Fidelis Manyanga

Biochemistry and Chemistry

Salem State University, MA, USA

Assistant Professor



2009 Ph.D., Portland State University, OR, USA

1999 B.Sc., Chemistry (Major), University of Zimbabwe, Africa

1999 B.Sc., Biochemistry (Major), University of Zimbabwe, Africa

Publications (Selected)

  1. Manyanga, Fand Sithole, A. (2014). Nucleic Acids, Structure and Function for General Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Lulu Publishing Company, USA. ISBN-13: 978-1312460904.
  2. Alec Sithole, Cyril Murewi, and Fidelis Manyanga.(2014). A Beginner’s Guide to Undergraduate Science Research. VDM Publishing Group, Germany, ISBN-13: 978-3-659-53371-6.
  3. Manyanga, F. (2009). Studies of DNA Hybridization Reactions and Applications in Genetic Assays. Portland State University. ISBN: 9781109179217.


  1. Sithole, A., Manyanga, Fand Cyril Murewi. (2014). Planning to do Science Research as Part of Your Degree Requirements? Potential Roadblocks & Solutions. Journal of College Student in Education, 1(1):10-15.
  2. Manyanga, F., Horne, M. T., Brewood, G. P., Fish, D. J., Dickman, R., & Benight, A. S. (2009). Origins of the “Nucleation” Free Energy in the Hybridization Thermodynamics of Short Duplex DNA. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 113(9), 2556-2563.
  3. Alemayehu, S., Fish, D. J., Brewood, G. P., Horne, M. T., Manyanga, F., Dickman, R.,& Benight, A. S. (2009). Influence of Buffer Species on the Thermodynamics of Short DNA Duplex Melting: Sodium Phosphate Versus Sodium Cacodylate. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 113(9), 2578-2586.
  4. Dickman, R., Manyanga, F., Brewood, G. P., Fish, D. J., Fish, C. A., Summers, C., & Benight, A. S. (2012). Thermodynamic Contributions of 5’-and 3’-Single Strand Dangling-Ends to the Stability of Short Duplex DNAs. Journal of Biophysical Chemistry, 3(01), 1.

Presentations and abstracts

  1. Manyanga, F. (August 16 -20, 2015). Abstract: Alternative Interpretation of the “Nucleation” Complex in DNA Primer-Probe Hybridization Based Reactions. 250th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA.
  2. Manyanga, F. (May 13, 2015). 18th Undergraduate Research Symposium. Poster Title: Salt Concentration Dependence on DNA Melting I.Central Campus, Salem State University, MA.
  3. Manyanga, F., Horne, M. T., Brewood, G. P., Fish. (2007). Biological Microarray Hybridization Reactions and Evaluation of Sequence Dependent Thermodynamic Parameters." Biophysical Society Meeting. pp. 45A-46A.Rockville Pike, Bethesda, USA.
  4. Manyanga F. (2006). Locked Nucleic Acids: Novel DNA Analogs for Optimal Design of Hybridization Probes -Chemistry Department, Portland State University, Oregon, USA.

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