Prof. Tim N. Walters

Ahmad Dahlan University, Indonesia

Visiting Professor



1996 Ph.D., journalism, minor field advertising, The University of Texas at Austin

1976 M.A., history, minor fields political science and economics, Indiana University, Bloomington

1970 B.A. (with honors) in history, minor fields, political science and economics, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire

Publications (selected)

Books, Book Chapters, Dissertation

  1. Dixon, Q., Collins, T., Walters, T., Walters, L. Gezer, U. & Wu, S., Television as an educational tool in language learning: Children's television viewing and the role of parental mediation in Singapore", to be published in The World Mosaics of Linguistics, Literature and Culture: Accepting Differences, Embracing Diversity, International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Culture, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia (accepted for publication).
  2. Walters, L., Green, R., and Walters, T., Show me a story: Digital stories as artifacts of intercultural competence, accepted for publication in The World Mosaics of Linguistics, Literature and Culture: Accepting Differences, Embracing Diversity, International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Culture, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia (accepted for publication).
  3. Walters, T., Walters, L., Green, M., & Lau, H., Rich Text, Rich Teach: Expanding Educational Horizons with Educational Technology, in Fast Forwarding Higher Education Institutions for Global Challenges - Perspective and Approaches, Ismail Hussein Amzat, Byabazaire Yusuf, editors, Springer (chapter accepted for publication).
  4. Walters, L. Green, M., Walters T. & Wang, L., Digital technology and intercultural teaching and learning: Thinking inside the box, accepted for inclusion in Critical and Narrative Intercultural Teaching and Learning Reader (Garii and Schlein, eds.). Accepted for publication by Information Age Publishing as a part of the book series entitled Research for social justice: Personal-passionate-participatory inquiry.
  5. Walters, T. (2010). Managing the Metaphor. In C. Caroll, (Ed.), Corporate and the News Media (chapter 25, pp. 408-420.) Routledge, London, United Kingdom.


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