Dr. Cheng Lu

School of Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronic Engineering

University of Wollongong

Wollongong, Australia

Associate Professor



1999, Ph.D., Northeastern University, China

1993, B. E., Northeastern University, China

Research Fields

Computational Material Science

Material Processing Technology

Fracture modelling and control

Publications (selected)

  1. PEI, L., LU, C., ZHAO, X., ZHANG, L., CHENG, K., MICHAL, G. & TIEU, K. 2015. Brittle versus ductile behaviour of nanotwinned copper: A molecular dynamics study. Acta Materialia, 89, 1-13. ISSN 13596454. Available from:
  2. ZHANG, L., LU, C., TIEU, K., ZHAO, X. & PEI, L. 2015. The shear response of copper bicrystals with Σ11 symmetric and asymmetric tilt grain boundaries by molecular dynamics simulation. Nanoscale, 7, 7224-7233. ISSN 20403364. Available from: 10.1039/c4nr07496c
  3. ELSHAHOMI, A., LU, C., MICHAL, G., LIU, X., GODBOLE, A. & VENTON, P. 2015. Decompression wave speed in CO2 mixtures: CFD modelling with the GERG-2008 equation of state. Applied Energy, 140, 20-32. ISSN 03062619. Available from:
  4. YU, H., TIEU, A. K., LU, C., LIU, X., LIU, M., GODBOLE, A., KONG, C. & QIN, Q. 2015. A new insight into ductile fracture of ultrafine-grained Al-Mg alloys. Scientific Reports, 5 (9568), 1-9. ISSN 20452322. Available from:
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  6. ZHANG, L., LU, C. & TIEU, K. 2014. Atomistic simulation of tensile deformation behavior of Σ5 tilt grain boundaries in copper bicrystal. Scientific Reports, 4 (5919), 1-9. ISSN 20452322. Available from:
  7. SU, L., LU, C., LI, H., DENG, G. & TIEU, K. 2014. Investigation of ultrafine grained AA1050 fabricated by accumulative roll bonding. Materials Science and Engineering A, 614, 148-155. ISSN 09215093. Available from:
  8. YU, H., TIEU, A. K., LU, C. & KONG, C. 2014. Abnormally high residual dislocation density in pure aluminum after Al/Ti/Al laminate annealing for seven days. Philosophical Magazine Letters, 94, 732-740. ISSN 09500839. Available from:
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  18. MICHAL, G., LU, C. & KIET TIEU, A. 2008. System modelling of a lateral force microscope. Nanotechnology, 19 (455707), 1-10. ISSN 09574484. Available from:

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