Alexander Burinskii

Laboratory of Theoretical Physics

Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences



2003 Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics

1968 Ph.D. in technical sciences

1964-1968 graduate school at MIPT (State University)

1957-1963 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)

1947-1957 Moscow school

Publications (selected)

The most recent publications on the Kerr geometry and the structure of regularized electron model:

  1. A. Burinskii, Spinning particle as Kerrs black hole: to the problem of unification of gravity with particle physics, International Journal of Modern Physics A (IJMPA), Vol. 35, Nos. 2 & 3 2040009 (2020).
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  10. A. Burinskii, Gravity vs. Quantum theory: Is electron really pointlike? Proceedings of the conference QTS7 (Prague). J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 343: 012019 (2012), arXiv:1112.0225.

The most earliest publications on the string structures of the Kerr geometry:

  1. A. Burinskii, Microgeons with spin, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, vol. 39, no. 2, p. 193, 1974.
  2. D. Ivanenko and A. Burinskii, Gravitational strings in models for elementary particles, Soviet Physics Journal, Vol. 18, Issue 5, p. 721 (1975), In Russian: Izv. VUZ. Fiz., vol. 5, p. 135, (1975).

The most important publications on the Kerr theorem and twistorial structure of space-time:

  1. A. Burinskii, Wonderful consequences of the Kerr theorem, Grav. Cosmol. 11, 301(2005), arXiv: hep-th/0506006.
  2. A. Burinskii, The Kerr theorem and multiparticle Kerr-Schild solutions. Int. Journ. Geom. Meth. Mod. Phys. 4, 437 (2007), arXiv: hep-th/05102.
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  4. A. Burinskii, Fluctuating Twistor-Beam Solutions and Holographic Pre-Quantum Kerr-Schild Geometry, J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 222:012044, 2010.

Selected publications on the string-like and twistorial structures of the real and complex Kerr geometry: alalysis, application and (super)generalization:

  1. A. Burinskii, String-like structures in complex Kerr geometry, in Relativity Today, R. P. Kerr and Z. Perj´es, Eds., p. 149, Akad´emiai Kiad´o, Budapest, Hungary, 1994, arxiv: gr-qc/9303003.
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