Dr. Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam

Nano-Molecular Plant Pathology

Agricultural Research Center, Egypt

Associate Professor


Research fields:

Plant Pathology

Molecular Diagnostic



2004 Ph.D., Suez Canal University, Egypt

1998 M.Sc., Zagazig University, Egypt

1992 B.Sc., Zagazig University, Egypt

Publications (Selected)

  1. Joshi, P; Bonde, S; Gaikwad, S; Gade, A; Abd-Elsalam, KA; Rai, M (2013) Comparative studies on synthesis of silver nanoparticles by Fusarium oxysporum and Macrophomina phaseolina and its efficacy against bacteria and Malassezia furfur. Journal of Bioscience 7:1-5.
  2. Almoammar H., Bahkali A.H., Abd-Elsalam K.A. (2013) One-hour loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for detection quarantinable toxigenic Fusarium garmanirum. African Journal of Microbiology Research 7: 1179-1183. IF: 0.55.
  3. Almoammar H., Bahkali A.H. and Abd-Elsalam K.A. (2013) A polyphasic method for the identification aflatoxigenicity of aspergilli isolated from feeds. Australian Journal of Crop Science 7: 1707-1713. IF: 1.7.
  4. Omar M.R, , Amal A. Asran Aly A.A. Abd-Elsalam K.A. (2013) Influence of previous crop on susceptibilty of Egyptian cottons to seedling disease complex. Canadian Journal of Plant Protection 1:110-118.
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  6. Abd-Elsalam K.A. (2013) Nanoplatforms for plant pathogenic fungi management. Fungal Genomics and Biology.
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