Prof. Youssef Al-Tonbary

Mansoura University, Egypt

Full Professor



2009 Head of Pediatric Department, Mansoura University, Egypt

2006-2009 Director of Mansoura University Children's Hospital, Mansoura University, Egypt

2006 Consultant of University Hospitals and Medical Centers affairs, Mansoura University, Egypt

2003-2006 Director of oncology center, Mansoura University, Egypt

2001-2003 Ass. Medical Director, Mansoura University Children's Hospital, Egypt

1999-2001 Chief of Emergency Room, Mansoura University Children's Hospital, Egypt

1993 Chief, Division of Haematology/Oncology. Pediatrics Department, Mansoura University, Egypt

1983 M.D., Pediatrics, Mansoura University, Egypt

1979 M.Sc., Pediatrics, Mansoura University, Egypt

1975 MB.BCh, Mansoura University (graduated the first), Egypt


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