Dr. Mary Cloud B. Ammons

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Montana State University, USA

Assistant Research Professor



2007 Ph.D., Montana State University, Molecular Immunology

2000 B.A., University of Colorado, Biology

Publications (Selected)

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  3. Ammons M. C. B., Ward L. S., Dowd S., James G. A. 2011 “Combined treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm with lactoferrin and xylitol inhibits the ability of the bacteria to respond to damage resulting from lactoferrin iron chelation” International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents.
  4. Wezensky S. J., Hanks T. S., Ammons M. C. B., Siemsen D. W., Gauss K. A. 2009. “Modulation of PLAGL2 Transactivation by Positive Cofactor 2 (PC2), a Component of the ARC/Mediator Complex” Gene.
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