Prof. Abdul R. H. Subber

College of education for pure Sciences

Basrah University, Iraq

Professor for Applied nuclear sciences



1986 Ph.D., School of Physics, Sussex University, UK

1970 B.S., Physics, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq

Research Fields

Nuclear Structure

Environmental Radioactivity

Radiation detection

Radon measuremen

Publications (selected)

  1. Mohammed Abdul Kadhim Al – Sadi, Mohammed A. Al Shareefi, Abdul Ridha Hussain Subber, Mixed Symmetry States in Platinum Isotopes by using the Proton and Boson Neutron Interacting Model (IBM-2), Pelagia Research LIbrary Journals , Advances in applied science, 2015.
  2. Ali Farhan Nader; Abdul R.H. Subber; Noori.H.N. Al-Hashimi, Calculation of the probability for Cr-39 alpha- particles detector, International Journal of emerging technologies in computational and applied sciences , 2015.
  3. Jabbar H. Jebur, Ali Farhan Nader, M. K. Khodier, Abdul. R.H. Subber and Noori. H.N. Al-Hashmi, Development of simple Radon Chamber for the Measurement of Radon Detectors Calibration factors, 2015.
  4. Ali Farhan Nader, Abdul .R.H. Subber, Noori .H.N. Al-Hashmi, The calculations of efficiency and sensitivity factor for CR39 detectors in the framework of main critical angle and Monte- Carlo code, 2015.
  5. Jabbar H. Jebur and Abdul RIDHA H. Subber,  Activity concentration of 222Rn gas and226Ra, 232Th and 40K in crops and soil taken from Safwan Granges using active, passive and gamma spectroscopy techniques, 2015.
  6. Mohammed Abdul Kadhim Al – Sadi, Mohammed A. Al Shareefi,  Abdul Ridha Hussain Subber, The IBM-2 calculations of mixing ratios δ(E2/M1) and X(E0/E2) for Platinum isotopes A= 180- 190, Pelagia Research LIbrary Journals, Advances in applied science, V9(4), 2015.
  7. Jabbar H. Jebur and Abdul RIDHA H. Subber, Natural Radioactvity in the sediment of Abu- Floos rier near the port, Barah Governorate, Iraq, International Journal of Radiation Research(IRAN), 2015.
  8. Ali Mahdi, Falih  Hussain  AL-Khudair and Abdul Ridha Hussain Subber, Nuclear structure of A=110 isobars in framework of Proton Neutron Interacting Bosons Model (IBM-2), 2015.
  9. Mohammed Abdul Kadhim Al – Sadi, Mohammed A. Al Shareefi, Abdul Ridha Hussain Subber, Mixing ratio δ(E2/M1) and X(E0/E2) of 192-202Pt isotopes using the proton neutron Interacting Boson Model (IBM-2), 2015.
  10. Ali Fakher and Abdul R.H. Subber, Ashwaq Faisal, Nuclear Structure of 226-238 U isotopes using the interacting boson model, Journal of Zankoi Sulaimani, JZS (2015), 17-2 (Part-A).
  11. Ali Farhan Nadir, Noori H.N. Al-Hashimi, Abdul Ridha .H. Subber, Evaluation of natural radioactivity and associated radiological hazards in soil samples from sand quarries in Basra Governorate, Iraq, JAP, 2015.
  12. Abdul R. H. Subber, Gamma-Ray Measurements of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Sludge, Scale and Well Cores of the Oil Industry in Southern Iraq, WALAILAK, JOURNAL, Walailak J Sci & Tech 2014; 11(9): 739‐750.
  13. Falih H. Al-Khudair, Abdul R. Subber and Ashwaq F. Jaafer, Shape transition and triaxial interaction effect in the structure of  152−166 Dy isotopes, Commun. Theor. Phys. 62, 2014, 847-858.
  14. Ali Mahdi, Falih  H.  AL-Khudair and Abdul R. H. Subber, Identification of Mixed Symmetry states in 180-186 W isotopes in the  framework of IBM-2, International Journal of Physics and research, 4, 2014, 1012.
  15. Falih H. Al-Khudair, Abdul R. Subber and Ashwaq F. Jaafer, N and structure and electromagnetic transition of 0(6) nucleus 128Xe, Journal of Basrah Research (Sciences), 40(1), 2014, 49-61.
  16. Marwa Salah al-deen, Falih H. Al-Khudair, Abdul R. Subber, Using configuration mixing in the study of the structure of 86-104Zr in the framework of IBM-1, Journal of Basrah Research (Sciences), 40(3), 2014, 47-71.
  17. M. K. Khodiar, A. R. H. Subber, The measurement of natural radioactivity in the surface soil in selected areas in Basrah Governorate, Journal of Basrah Research (Sciences), 40(3), 2014, 88-96.
  18. Mohammed Kasim Khodier and Abdul R. H. Subber, Measurements of Natural Radon gas emitted from soil of areas assumed to be contaminated in Basrah Governorate, Journal of Basrah Research (Sciences), 40(3), 2014, 79-87.
  19. Ali Farhan Nader; Abdul R.H. Subber; Noori.H.N. Al-Hashimi, An Analytical Approach is Developed to Estimate the Values of Range of Alpha Particles Emitted from  Radon Gas, IOSR Journal of Engineering (IOSRJEN),  4(9), 2014, 51-55.
  20. Jabbar H. Jebur and Abdul R.H. Subber, Natural radioactivity of some local and imported fertilizers in Basrah governorate/Iraq, Scholar Research Library, Archive of Physics Research, 5(5), 2014, 18-22.
  21. Abdul R. H. Subber, Measurement of Radon Exhalation Rate from Core of some Oil-Wells in Basra Governorate in the Southern Iraq, Advances in Applied Science Research, 2013, 3 (1): 563-571.
  22. Abdul R. H. Subber, Radon Concentration: The cases of study are Shut- Al-Basra, river banks and Basra Sport City, Basra, Iraq, Archives of Physics Research, 2013, 4 (6): 16-23.
  23. Abdul R. H. Subber, Level structure of 210Po by means of surface delta interaction, Turk J Phys, (2013) 37: 348- 355 TUB_ITAK doi: 10.3906/_z-1211-15.
  24. Abdul R. H. Subber, RADON LEVEL AND GAMMA RAY DOSE FROM COMMON BUILDING MATERIALS USED IN BASRAH SPORT CITY, BASRAH, IRAQ, International Journal of Physics and Research (IJPR)Vol. 4, Issue 1, Feb 2013, 59-70.
  25. Abdul R. H. Subber, Indoor Radon concentration in the Basrah Sport City, journal of Basrah researches (sciences), V39, 3, 2013.

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