Prof. Sabah A. Ismail

Prof. Sabah A. Ismail

College of Sciences

University of Kirkuk, Iraq

Professor for Geochemistry



1997 Ph.D., University of Baghdad, Iraq

1989 M.S., University of Baghdad, Iraq

1980 B.S., University of Baghdad, Iraq

Publications (Selected)

  1. Petrogenesis and PGE distribution in the Al- and Cr-rich chromitites of the Qalander Ophiolite, northeastern Iraq: Implications for the tectonic environment of the Iraqi Zagros Suture Zone. Lithos, 202-203, 21-36 (2014 Review paper).
  2. Characteristics of the amphibolite rocks of Penjween area, Kurdistan Region, northeast Iraq: Genetic implication and association with Penjween Ophiolite Complexes. Journal of Environment and Earth Science (2013) Vol.3, No.14, 22-44.
  3. The tectonic evolution of a Neo-Tethyan (Eocene–Oligocene) island-arc (Walash and Naopurdan groups) in the Kurdistan region of the Northeast Iraqi Zagros Suture Zone. Island Arc (2013 )Vol. 22, 104–125.
  4. Recognition of Late Cretaceous Hasanbag ophiolite-arc rocks in the Kurdistan region of the Iraqi Zagros Thrust Zone: A missing link in the paleogeography of the closing Neo–Tethys Ocean. Lithosphere (2012) Vol. 4, 395–410.
  5. Morpho-tectonic units of the Zagros orogenic belt, NE Iraq: a modern analogue for dubduction accretion processes. NEO proceeding (2010), Australia.
  6. Platinum-group elements geochemistry in podiform chromitites and associated peridotites of the Mawat ophiolite, northeastern Iraq. Journal of Asian Earth sciences, 2010, Vol.37, no 1.
  7. Chromitite and peridotite from Rayat, northeastern Iraq, as fragments of a Tethyan ophiolite, Island Arc 2009, Vol. 18, 175–183.
  8. Low-T formation of high-Cr spinel with apparently primary chemical characteristics within podiform chromitite from Rayat, northeastern Iraq, Mineralogical Magazine, October 2006, Vol. 70(5), pp. 499–508.

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