OJML  Vol.9 No.2 , April 2019
A Study Conception about Language Similarities
The present study contains a suitable literature material about linguistic similarities between English and Spanish languages. The linguistic components chosen from both languages to conduct the study research are as follows: 1) Pronunciation. 2) Vocabulary. 3) Grammar. The study contextualizes throughout its collected works data based on alphabetical-phonology, wordlist-cognates, adjectives-adverbs-verbs-patterns as well as an oriented-methodology. At present, there is a need to continue making available methodology-inputs and learning materials to support the acquisition of Spanish as Second Foreign Language (ELE). Therefore, the research article aimed to provide a manuscript through which Spanish/English bilingual Spanish language teachers and English speaking learners of Spanish know about language analogies and the advantages of doing so to enhance and empower cognitive domains and language competences regarding to the target language.
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Rivera, J. (2019) A Study Conception about Language Similarities. Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, 9, 47-58. doi: 10.4236/ojml.2019.92005.
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