SS  Vol.10 No.3 , March 2019
Choked Inguino-Scrotal Hernia and Fistulising in the Scrotum at the Hospital Sominé DOLO of Mopti: A Clinical Observation
We report a case of grave and rare surgical complications nowadays, which calls out to us on the necessity of a bigger raising sensitization on the coverage of the constrictions hernial at the adult. It is about a case of right inguino-scrotal hernia choked secondarily complicated with a scrotal coecostomie at a 64-year-old man. The delay in the care was in touch with a traditional treatment but also in the poverty of the patient which was a needy the total care of which was assured by the social services department of the hospital. The perioperative exploration found a cecostomy the mucous membrane of which was inverted in the opening of the stoma, an ulceration of the peristomial scrotum with a normal macroscopic aspect of the testicle homolateral. The care was made at single time: parage and scrotal suture more resection segmental of the coecum followed by an anastomosis ileocolic terminoterminal and a cure of the hernia according to Shouldice. The operating suites were simple with ablation of the threads to operating J12 comment and the liberation of the patient the next day. The clinical evolution was satisfactory with a backward movement of 4 years.
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Kanté, A. , Traoré, D. , Diallo, S. , Ouattara, D. , Bengaly, B. , Traoré, D. , Magané, M. , Daou, M. and Ongoïba, N. (2019) Choked Inguino-Scrotal Hernia and Fistulising in the Scrotum at the Hospital Sominé DOLO of Mopti: A Clinical Observation. Surgical Science, 10, 71-75. doi: 10.4236/ss.2019.103009.
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