JGIS  Vol.11 No.1 , February 2019
Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Management of Bins Using GIS. A Case Study: Nuseirat City
Solid Waste Management, SWM, is an integral part of public health and environmental control. Improper SWM leads to both economic and environmental sufferings. Almost all factors related to solid waste management have both spatial and non-spatial components. Thus, traditional ways of storing and analyzing data keep data in an isolated form, which results in an inefficient management system. This research aims to optimize municipal solid waste management of bins using GIS. Nuseirat City is chosen as a case study to evaluate SWM of recycle bins to allow the collection process to get less cost and less time as well as to determine the best routes for the trucks to collect the bins. Using Location-Allocation technique, the study indicates that 50 bins from the existing 222 bins do not meet the required selection criteria and need to be re-distributed. It also shows that there are many areas which are not serviced and that the existing bins do not cover all areas in Nuseirat. Nuseirat municipality needs to supply 173 bins besides the existing bins in order to fully cover the city. Moreover, the best tracks to be followed by vehicles that will reduce the financial cost using Vehicle Routing Problem Analysis are determined using GIS network analysis. It is recommended the use of GIS in the administration, especially the management of solid waste and the consideration of it mainly in the general system of municipalities working in the Gaza Strip. Extensive attention should be focused on the collection of solid waste because it is important in the development of cities and it gives a wonderful cultural landscape.
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El-Hallaq, M. and Mosabeh, R. (2019) Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Management of Bins Using GIS. A Case Study: Nuseirat City. Journal of Geographic Information System, 11, 32-43. doi: 10.4236/jgis.2019.111003.
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