JPEE  Vol.6 No.9 , September 2018
Challenges and Methods to Improve Well Cementing Quality for 177.8 mm Liner in Gaoshiti-Moxi Area
Gaoshiti-Moxi structure belt of An-Yue Sinian gas reservoir, which was China’s largest monomer Marine carbonate gas reservoir up to now, located in vying-dragon female temple structure group that belong to the ancient uplift slope of the middle of Sichuan. With the exploration and development of high temperature and high pressure carbonate reservoir, a large number of challenges and problems, such as long isolation section, active oil-gas show, large temperature difference, prone to super retarding cement slurry and gas channeling at flare position, have been encountered in the cementing of 177.8 mm hang-liner. In order to solve these problems, numerous measures and methods have been put into use for reducing the safety risk of cementing and improving cementing quality. The large temperature difference channeling cement slurry system, effective anti-pollution spacer and high-pressure packer type liner hanger were developed and applied for field tests in the early stage of development. In addition, equilibrium pressure cementing technology, optimizing of centralizer placement and plasma column structure, improvement of pump displacement and hold pressure while waiting on cement were used to ensure nice displacement efficiency and cementing quality. As Moxi X well for example, the cementing quality factor of merit was 40.29% and the qualification rate was up to 78.87% after adopting the cementing measures and methods above. The cementing quality was much higher than previous level and provided technical support for Gaoshiti-Moxi area.
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Li, B. , Guo, J. , Cao, Q. , Chen, C. and Hu, L. (2018) Challenges and Methods to Improve Well Cementing Quality for 177.8 mm Liner in Gaoshiti-Moxi Area. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 6, 1-8. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2018.69001.
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