AJPS  Vol.9 No.6 , May 2018
Padina pavonica: Morphology and Calcification Functions and Mechanism
Padina pavonica is one of the common macro-algae that inhabit coastal inter-tidal zones around the world. It is one of the two brown algae known to science today that calcifies. It precipitates CaCO3 in the microscopy form of Aragonite needle shape seen macroscopically as a vertical ventral stripes. Here we will summarize the information available since the beginning of the 20th century, taking into consideration the algal distribution, macro and micro-morphology, cytology, reproduction, CaCO3 bio-mineralization, and a slight reference to the commercial aspects, i.e., its use in the medical and cosmetic industries. This paper discusses the likely advantages that Padina gains by the calcification and the effect of pH caused by global climate changes on this calcification. We will describe the distribution of Padina, while focusing on the morphology of P. pavonica, as described in the literature, occasionally comparing it to another common species in Tel-Baruch—P. gymnospora. This review is somewhat prolog for the upcoming research.
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Benita, M. , Dubinsky, Z. and Iluz, D. (2018) Padina pavonica: Morphology and Calcification Functions and Mechanism. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 9, 1156-1168. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2018.96087.
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