AJPS  Vol.9 No.3 , February 2018
Growth Promotion of Telfairia occidentalis by Application of Chlorella vulgaris (Bioinoculant) Colonized Seeds and Soil under Tropical Field Conditions
The application of fertilizer is an essential factor for improving plant growth. This study was carried out to investigate the effect of Chlorella vulgaris (bio-fertilizer), NPK and poultry manure on the microbiological, biometric and biochemical properties of Telfairia occidentalis and its rhizosphere soil after forty days of planting. There were significant changes in the microbiological and physicochemical characteristics of soil in the various treatments administered. Maximum bacterial and fungal counts of 2.6 × 1010 and 3.8 × 105 cfu/g were obtained in soil treated with poultry manure and Chlorella vulgaris respectively whereas; maximum nitrogen (0.85%) and potassium (13.6 mg/ml) contents were obtained in NPK treated soil. Soil amended with Chlorella vulgaris showed maximum organic matter (9.48%) and phosphorus (8.55 mg/ml) concentrations. The amendment of soil with Chlorella vulgaris also speeded up germination of the Telfairia occidentalis to 5 days while, maximum plant length, number of leaves and fresh weight of the fluted pumpkin were obtained in Chlorella vulgaris amended soil and seed treatment pot. Total chlorophyll, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids were also increased on application of Chlorella vulgaris to soil or seed. Generally, application of Chlorella vulgaris to either seed or soil before planting resulted in increase in plant growth characteristics. Results of this study thus suggest that Chlorella vulgaris (bio-fertilizer) is a veritable biotechnological agent for improved cultivation of Telfairia occidentalis.
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Agwa, O. , Ogugbue, C. and Williams, E. (2018) Growth Promotion of Telfairia occidentalis by Application of Chlorella vulgaris (Bioinoculant) Colonized Seeds and Soil under Tropical Field Conditions. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 9, 403-415. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2018.93031.
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