IJG  Vol.8 No.6 , June 2017
Evidence of Structural Facts Inferred from Aeromagnetic Data Analysis over the Guider-Maroua Area (Northern Cameroon)
In this study, we performed some filters to highlight geological structures and/or features which are found in the igneous rocks, between the latitudes 9°45'N to 10°45'N and longitudes 13°15'E to 14°30'E. The application of the first vertical derivative (FVD) and the horizontal gradient magnitude (HGM) on a total magnetic data over the study area has led to put in evidence: 1) geological features as geological boundaries, faults, dykes, folds on the FVD map; 2) abundant aeromagnetic lineaments probably fractures, dykes and contacts, ex-hibit a conjugate relationship suggesting a near NE and NW tectonic trends; 3) existence of a possible prominent near E-W compression, characterized by a possible dextral displacement of geological formations by the shear movements; 4) and the magnetic signature of the country rocks.
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Ngoh, J. , Mbarga, T. , Assembe, S. , Meying, A. , Owono, O. and Tabod, T. (2017) Evidence of Structural Facts Inferred from Aeromagnetic Data Analysis over the Guider-Maroua Area (Northern Cameroon). International Journal of Geosciences, 8, 781-800. doi: 10.4236/ijg.2017.86044.
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