WJCMP  Vol.5 No.4 , November 2015
Coexistence of Spin Density Wave (SDW) and Superconductivity in Ba1-xKxFe2As2
Author(s) Haftu Brhane
With the use of a model Hamiltonian and retarded double time green’s function formalism, we obtain mathematical expressions for spin density wave and superconductivity parameters. The model reveals a distinct possibility of the coexistence of magnetic phase and superconductivity, which are two usually irreconcilable cooperative phenomena. The work is motivated by the recent experimental evidences of coexistence of spin density wave and superconductivity in a number of FeAs-based superconductors. The theoretical results are then applied to show the coexistence of spin density wave and superconductivity in iron pnictide compound Ba1-xKxFe2As2 (0.2 ≤ x < 0.4).

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Brhane, H. (2015) Coexistence of Spin Density Wave (SDW) and Superconductivity in Ba1-xKxFe2As2. World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics, 5, 319-331. doi: 10.4236/wjcmp.2015.54032.
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